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Community Outreach

Press Release

Press Release

ICTS and ICCR Press Release on September 21, 2023

img1Iowa State Fair Booth

The team at Integrated Clinical Trial Services, Inc. reach out into the community to provide educational opportunities for the general public from across Iowa to learn:

  1. The purpose and conduct of clinical trials research.
  2. Opportunities to volunteer their health information to be included in a state-wide database.
  3. How to become involved in participation of a clinical trial.

For 11 days in August, ICTS staffs a booth at the Iowa State Fair from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. to teach the lay public about clinical trials research.  Being one of very few freestanding clinical trial research sites in the state of Iowa, it provides an opportunity for our staff to interact and teach the various aspects of clinical trials as well as meet many friendly people from across the great state of Iowa.

Iowa State FairShelby & Janet

img3Iowa Nurses Association’s Annual Meeting

Not only do the staff and physicians educate the lay public but they also get involved with professional organizations within the state of Iowa.  As a vendor at those professional meetings, ICTS has a chance to teach about clinical trials research to professional groups and sponsor events to assist those associations in providing for break out sessions.  As a result, it is interesting to appreciate the numerous professionals that are unaware of research opportunities within the state.

If you have a professional organization that would be interested in inviting ICTS please click here: kmajors@ictsiowa.com

Land of Hope Africa
Janet Ewing joined the team at Integrated Clinical Trials, Inc. in 2020 to continue serving others as a registered nurse. In addition to working with our clinic, Janet and her husband Don have been a part of the “Land of Hope Africa” (LOHA), which serves many orphaned children in Zambia, Africa. Janet and Don are just two of many people that have joined together to help improve the lives of these children in one of the poorest countries in the world. Integrated Clinical Trial Services was so excited to have Janet join our team and bring her kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, and compassion for others into the clinic. Janet shared more details with us about LOHA that you can learn about in our blog post by clicking this link:
If you have any interest in being a part of the Land of Hope Africa mission, please visit www.landofhopeafrica.org for more information.

Staff and Children
Land of Hope of Africa

Des Moines Marathon 2022

In October of 2022, Integrated Clinical Trials Services, Inc. participated as an exhibitor at the IMT Des Moines Marathon. 

The Iowa Academy of Family Physicians

In October of 2022, ICTS staff participated as exhibitors at the IAFP Conference. The purpose was to reach out to community physicians to express the need for family practitioners to become involved in clinical trials. 

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